Travelling Tips Every Savvy Traveler Should Know N

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No one is a born savvy traveller. This is something that only comes with an “on-the-road” experience. Travellers make a lot of mistakes at the start. Being a savvy traveller means going through a process of missed buses, cultural unawareness and foolish behaviour that results in making countless tiny errors.

There is a certain mistake that every new traveller is destined to make. If you consider yourself new to the world of travelling, go through this guide so that you are more aware of those mistakes.

Always Carry a Towel

This is plain common sense. Everybody needs a towel – whether you are on a beach, out with the family on a picnic or you just need to dry off. While there are some hostels offering towels, you never know when you most need one. And above all, how much can it weigh to carry a towel?

Carrying a Small Backpack or Suitcase

Buying a small luggage bag is the key as it will force you to pack light and helps avoid carrying unnecessary stuff. This is because the humans have a natural tendency to fill up empty spaces and you are likely to fill that space with stuff you won’t need.

Take Extra Bank Cards with You

This is because travelling is uncertain and you can lose your belongings at any point in the travel. It is always safe to carry a backup credit card. Getting stuck at some place during the journey is overwhelming as it is, let alone getting lost without your funds.

Travelling by Yourself

Travelling helps you learn a lot about yourself. It teaches you to be independent in life. You get to know how to fend for yourself to handle unfamiliar situations with ease as well as talk to people. Apart from that, it helps you to explore and better understand yourself, know what you are capable of and allow you to be super selfish (even if for a while).

Using a Map

There is nothing wrong with looking like a tourist and carrying a map. This is not as bad getting lost in an unknown neighbourhood. A map can always help you get where you need to be.

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