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“Waiting for the perfect moment to travel? It is here right now!” Don’t wait.

Travelling can expand your horizons, especially when it is done solo. The most spellbinding thing about travelling is finding out new places and meeting new people. Meeting people of all ages can make a traveller feel ‘ageless’.

Solo travels encompass amazing opportunities to expand horizons and see the world along with interacting with different cultures and people of varying age groups. People of different age cohorts and distinct culture belongings don’t just share their experiences with the solo traveller, but they open a new world and a new horizon for the traveller. Travel makes the nomad ageless.

Making connection and interactions with individuals of varied generations can be an inspiring and lively experience for the mind, soul and body. If a traveller is old, he or she may enjoy the company of a youngling more than the individual of his or her age group. Young people are a gravity – they help in pulling individuals towards themselves and shares their new experiences. Travelling solo helps the traveller to meet new people throughout the journey. So, the next time you decide to hit the road or sail the waters, make sure you meet new people especially younger individuals as their company will make you feel young at heart and energise your soul. If you want to interact with young people of different countries then go where they are; try to stay at dorms or hostels, try different countries…You won’t find young people in Europe or the U.A.E, try to go to more robust places like Chile, Brazil, Italy or Morocco. You can also try activity-based vacations like cycle tours in France, hiking trips, surfing, and other young people’s activities. Remember that solo travel is timeless it makes you feel young.

By visiting a new city, accomplishing a new travelling challenge, travelling solo, and doing things confidently can make you feel young and ageless. So, if you plan to travel, then revive your mind and enliven your soul by meeting new young people and travelling solo.

‘Traveling solo means getting to know the real you’

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