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“Waiting for the perfect moment to travel? It is here right now!” Don’t wait.

Travelling can expand your horizons, especially when it is done solo. The most spellbinding thing about travelling is finding out new places and meeting new people. Meeting people of all ages can make a traveller feel ‘ageless’.

Solo travels encompass amazing opportunities to expand horizons and see the world along with interacting with different cultures and people of varying age groups. People of different age cohorts and distinct culture belongings don’t just share their experiences with the solo traveller, but they open a new world and a new horizon for the traveller. Travel makes the nomad ageless.

Making connection and interactions with individuals of varied generations can be an inspiring and lively experience for the mind, soul and body. If a traveller is old, he or she may enjoy the company of a youngling more than the individual of his or her age group. Young people are a gravity – they help in pulling individuals towards themselves and shares their new experiences. Travelling solo helps the traveller to meet new people throughout the journey. So, the next time you decide to hit the road or sail the waters, make sure you meet new people especially younger individuals as their company will make you feel young at heart and energise your soul. If you want to interact with young people of different countries then go where they are; try to stay at dorms or hostels, try different countries…You won’t find young people in Europe or the U.A.E, try to go to more robust places like Chile, Brazil, Italy or Morocco. You can also try activity-based vacations like cycle tours in France, hiking trips, surfing, and other young people’s activities. Remember that solo travel is timeless it makes you feel young.

By visiting a new city, accomplishing a new travelling challenge, travelling solo, and doing things confidently can make you feel young and ageless. So, if you plan to travel, then revive your mind and enliven your soul by meeting new young people and travelling solo.

‘Traveling solo means getting to know the real you’

How Travelling Improves Your Mental Health

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The first word that resonates in our minds when we say travel is a vacation. Some people might equate travel to meeting new people. Some like the beautiful sceneries and how they unfold while photographing them. As exhilarating and exciting as it is, travelling is so much more than sipping margaritas on a beach.

There is an ample amount of data supporting the fact that travelling is good for your physical well-being. But there is data that suggests that it can also do wonders for your emotional and mental health as well. Here is how:

Acts as a Stress Buster

The daily demands and stress of work distract most of us from what we enjoy and find meaning in our lives. Thus, it is essential that we take time out from the daily hustle and bustle of life to recharge, relax and rejuvenate. Travelling promotes happy hormones and helps you take your mind off stressful situations. As your basal cortisol levels lower down in response to the peace of the travelling, you start to feel calmer and more content.

Reinventing Yourself

Travelling to a foreign country alone can help you reinvent and re-evaluate your life. Travel possess the ability to expand your mind in ways you never thought were possible. The valuable lessons learnt along the way help your perspective to broaden, making your more aware and helps you open up to new things in life. As experts like to quote: Different is just different. Not better, nor worse. But the difference is what helps you to evaluate your principles and values and change them.

Boosting Satisfaction and Happiness

Including not having to go to work, travelling helps you to steer away from the routine. The new events that you encounter help you to rewire your brain, boost your mood and your self-confidence. As humans have evolved over the years, the human nature is not meant to be tied down to one place. Travelling and exploring has always been a part of the human soul. There is a sense of fulfilment associated when you are outside living through new experiences and exploiting numerous opportunities to learn.

Travelling Tips Every Savvy Traveler Should Know N

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No one is a born savvy traveller. This is something that only comes with an “on-the-road” experience. Travellers make a lot of mistakes at the start. Being a savvy traveller means going through a process of missed buses, cultural unawareness and foolish behaviour that results in making countless tiny errors.

There is a certain mistake that every new traveller is destined to make. If you consider yourself new to the world of travelling, go through this guide so that you are more aware of those mistakes.

Always Carry a Towel

This is plain common sense. Everybody needs a towel – whether you are on a beach, out with the family on a picnic or you just need to dry off. While there are some hostels offering towels, you never know when you most need one. And above all, how much can it weigh to carry a towel?

Carrying a Small Backpack or Suitcase

Buying a small luggage bag is the key as it will force you to pack light and helps avoid carrying unnecessary stuff. This is because the humans have a natural tendency to fill up empty spaces and you are likely to fill that space with stuff you won’t need.

Take Extra Bank Cards with You

This is because travelling is uncertain and you can lose your belongings at any point in the travel. It is always safe to carry a backup credit card. Getting stuck at some place during the journey is overwhelming as it is, let alone getting lost without your funds.

Travelling by Yourself

Travelling helps you learn a lot about yourself. It teaches you to be independent in life. You get to know how to fend for yourself to handle unfamiliar situations with ease as well as talk to people. Apart from that, it helps you to explore and better understand yourself, know what you are capable of and allow you to be super selfish (even if for a while).

Using a Map

There is nothing wrong with looking like a tourist and carrying a map. This is not as bad getting lost in an unknown neighbourhood. A map can always help you get where you need to be.

Why is Travelling so Important in Life?

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People have their own reasons to travel. Some might like to go for work while others go as a leisure activity, whereas, for a bunch of passionate people, travelling is a way of life. Travelling to them is the escape from the usual boring daily routine of life.

Whatever your reason for travelling might be, one thing is for sure: travelling changes you in so many ways. For this particular reason, it becomes so important to travel in life:

Enjoying Loneliness

Often experts have advocated the therapeutic tendencies of being alone and making peace with yourself. While you acquaint yourself with the new culture, it also helps you to connect with your inner self.

Learning to Adapt

There is a whole wide world out there for you to explore. Whether you talk about the pace of life, your language or simply the weather changes, all of us has to adapt to all these happenings in life. As you break away from the routine and learn to experience and adjust to the new things in life, this is what makes life truly beautiful.

Experiencing New Cultures

Every new place comes with its distinct cultural habits. Such as New York, which is always talked about for its fast-paced life, while the talk of Italy accompanies its relaxed lifestyle. While those who wish to visit the UK, they have to be a little formal in their interaction with the locals, however, you can greet people warmly and casually while you are in Thailand.

Enhancing Your Taste Buds

There is no point in travelling without experiencing the local food. This not only relates to the culinary experience but a cultural one as well.

Gathering Souvenirs

Of course, every travelling trip brings about its great bunch of memories. However, there are more materialistic ones that you can carry with you throughout your life. This may include buying a miniature Taj Mahal, or an Eiffel Tower- souvenirs are a must whenever you visit the place not only for yourself but your loved ones as well. Heard of the popular saying by the wise that “when you travel to some place, you carry back a part of it with yourself” – well it certainly holds true in this case!

Indulging in Photography

Photography has nothing to do with you being a professional or not. It is also irrelevant to the fact that what kind of camera you possess. What matters is your love for nature, the people, the places along with the experiences and your desire to capture them through your lens.